French & sliding patio doors from Osborn Glass


Our range french and patios door are perfect for entrances and exits to porches, patios and conservatoires, available in UPVc, timber and aluminium. Offering large opening spaces, light and great security. Whether you choose a sliding patio door or a floating , mullion french door, we can offer the best solution to suit your needs and property.


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UPVc sliding patio doors


Our range of UPVc sliding patio doors ares sourced from a leading uk manufacture, allowing natural light to flood in. Our Patio Doors take up very little floor area, and don’t intrude into your room or garden. The opening doors slide behind the fixed glass panels, which allows more flexibility for furniture and creates more space than other styles of door. Our Stylish uPVC Patio Doors have the Latest Security Hardware, and are Virtually Maintenance Free.


UPVc patio colour options.


Our UPVc patio are available in a wide range of colours and finishes, complementing the style of your property. We offer as standard White windows, Rosewood & Rosewood on White windows, Cherrywood & cherrywood on White windows, Irish Oak & Irish Oak on White, Black On White and White Woodgrained. We also offer bespoke powder coating using any colour from the RAL colour chart. *grained colours are also available white inside*


Golden Oak
Irish Oak
Black Ash
White Ash


Security from our Upvc patios.


Our patio doors are manufactured using full steel reinforcing for strength and security with stainless steel 8 hook bi-directional lock*, 4 sets of opposing double hooks which also act as anti-lift. Making our patio doors, one of the securest patio doors available on the market.


UPVc french doors.


Our range of french doors extends your home, bringing extra light and the illusion of more space. They create an attractive opening to a garden or patio with minimal obstruction. As a homeowner you will be able to enjoy a better view of the outdoors all year round. French doors are also ideal for partition wall application - from a kitchen to a conservatory area for example.


UPVc french door colour options.


Our UPVC french doors are available with the same colour options as the patio door (please see above).


UPVc french doors security.


Our UPVc french doors are fitted with double handles and multi point locking as standard. WIth fully reinforced sashes and frame the doors offer maximum security.


UPVc patio & french doors door glass


Our UPVc french & patio doors are glazed with standard Clear or obscure Pilkington glass, depending on your requirements. There are many different types of decoration that can be applied. By applying lead, Georgian bar or even a stained glass design to the window you can add that personal touch. For the range of glass options please see our glass and glazing page