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Your trusted provider of energy-efficient windows in London

Energy efficiency is a key factor when purchasing new windows, doors, or conservatories. This is because investing in highly energy-efficient windows and glass will benefit you in the long-run. Not only will energy-efficient windows keep your property warmer during the cold winter months, but this kind of installation could increase the value of your home or commercial space when the time comes to sell. 

As the leading energy-efficient window provider in South London, Osborn Glass can help you to identify and install the right kind of window to suit your property – and keep your family warm and comfortable. 

Energy Rated Windows - Glass Installers, South London, Osborn Glass

What are the benefits of energy-efficient windows?

Energy-efficient windows are an ideal addition to your property, thanks to their various benefits. Unlike other aesthetic modifications you may choose to make, energy-efficient windows will pay you back in the long run thanks to:

Lower utility costs

Energy-efficient windows keep in the heat and reduce the energy consumption of your home. You’ll see this reflected on your annual energy bills, and feel it all year round.

Improved energy efficiency

As the name implies, energy-efficient windows are far more efficient than their standard counterparts. This makes your property a greener place to be – helping to reduce your consumption and keep the planet green.

Enhanced comfort

Through various means, energy-efficient windows work to eliminate drafts and keep heat inside your property. This will keep you cool in the winter, and with a specific configuration of glass coating and gas cavities, we can help you to stay cooler in the summer, too.

How do energy-efficient windows work?

Energy-efficient windows are measured on a traffic-light scale from A to E, depending on how efficient they truly are. This scale is determined by the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC), and operates in a similar way to other white goods such as washing machines or fridges. 

In order to increase the efficiency of your windows, various methods can be incorporated into their production: 

  • Multiple panes of glass to reduce airflow from the outside into your property
  • Gas-filled cavities that utilise gases such as argon
  • Specialised low-emissivity coatings applied to glass panels which reflect infrared light back into your property 
  • Laminated coatings to reduce harmful UV rays on south-facing windows
  • Insulated frames to prevent heat loss through the edges of the window frame

What are the best energy-efficient windows?

As part of your windows order, we can work with you to ensure any kind of window and material combination remains as energy efficient as possible. This means that an aluminium bay window is just as efficient as a uPVC casement

You want your windows to match the aesthetic and shape of your home, and with our team’s expert guidance, you’ll achieve the perfect look that you’re aiming for – all while reaping the benefits that energy-efficient windows can bring.

Are wood windows energy efficient?

You may decide that you’d like timber frames for your windows, either to keep with the rustic aesthetic of where you live, or to give your property a classical appearance that increases its resale value. 

The good news is that wooden windows act as a natural insulator. They absorb and retain heat from your property (or the sun’s rays) and keep the space warm without the need for excessive central heating. Pair this with energy-efficient glass, and you can achieve the high ‘A’ BFRC ratings. 

Equally, if you’d rather opt for uPVC frames thanks to their high strength and resilience, or aluminium frames to minimise sightlines, then you can still make use of energy-efficient windows at your property. 

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