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Smart Locks from South London Windows

A smart door lock helps ensure you and your family enjoy optimum home security. It combines both electronic and mechanical door lock technologies that allow a door to be locked and unlocked wirelessly with an authorised user’s authentication.

Unlock Doors with Your Smartphone

A smart lock dispenses with the need for a traditional key and allows an authorised user to open doors for family members and other authorised individuals. Users utilise either their smartphone or a special key fob to unlock doors. These kinds of security systems are considered part of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Ultion Smart Locks

Here at South London Windows we supply and install Ultion smart locks. They are considerably more secure than traditional locks, which can be broken in a matter of seconds by criminals equipped with relatively basic tools.

Why Are Ultion Smart Locks So Secure?

The Ultion lock features a molybdenum core, which is 25% denser than iron. If an intruder attempts to break the lock, a series of bolts are activated triggering ‘double lockdown mode’, preventing the attacker from opening your door.

The Ultion Smart lock system is approved by the police and comes with a £1,000 security guarantee. You can prevent other people from copying your keycode using Ultion Key Control. This means copies are only permitted after you reply to an approval email.

What If I Lose a Key?

You can track a lost key by using Bluetooth on your smartphone. You can also make your keys glow in the dark. Additionally, all Ultion keys also feature a tiny torch so you can illuminate the lock keyhole when it’s dark. You can hand out different coloured keys for different members of the family.

Colour-coded keys may also be handed to members of a shared house or other trusted individuals such as gardeners or dog walkers. You can authorise certain keys to access particular doors. You may also choose to use the same key in all your doors.

4 Simple Ways to Use Ultion Smart

Bluetooth – the free, straightforward way to use the Danalock app. You don’t need anything else.

Traditional key and lock – every variant of Ultion Smart comes with the ability to lock and unlock a door in the normal way.

If you use Amazon Alexa, you can harness the ‘If This Then That’ command – and you can lock Ultion Smart by saying “Alexa, lock the door”.

If using the Apple Homekit version, you can control Ultion Smart with Siri, iPhone, iPad or even your Apple watch.

  • Easy to install – and to use
  • It takes just minutes to get up and running with an Ultion Smart lock unit.
  • Installed in a matter of minutes
  • Can be fitted to existing handles
  • No drilling necessary
  • Batteries easy to replace

More Benefits

When your hands are full you can use hands-free operation. If you desire, you can also set up the Ultion Smart to unlock a door automatically, without the need to use your smartphone. And you can also set the system up to auto-lock – so you’ll never have to worry about accidentally leaving your door unlocked. Additionally, you can control how long the latch stays open for when the door is unlocked.

Smart Padlock: Easy PIN access for Ultion SMART

You can also choose the all-new keypad unlock option, which means you can access a door simply by entering a number code into a smart padlock. This means you don’t have to take your key with you.

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We supply and install Ultion Smart Locks to residential properties in Bromley, Clapham, Sutton and across South London.

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