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Battle of the best: aluminium vs. uPVC windows

Osborn Windows > News > Battle of the best: aluminium vs. uPVC windows

For decades, the debate between aluminium and uPVC windows has been going around with no definitive answer. After all your research, you’ve probably come to realise it’s a close call between the two for your renovation – but which is best? This blog will help you decide which is right for you, whether you’re redesigning your house, moving to a new home or building a property from scratch. 

Look at the aesthetics of your home 

Your windows will have a big impact on the style your house gives off so it’s best to know what will complement your chosen aesthetics. 

For a modern feel, aluminium windows will give your house a sleek and elegant look. If you’re looking for a traditional style, uPVC might be best as many listed buildings use those windows. 

Don’t forget that both types of windows come in a range of styles and colours so you’ll still have the ability to customise your space to how you want. 

Main takeaway: Take into consideration the style and characteristics you want your property to have. 

How much are you looking to pay? 

While you may have a specific budget, it’s also important to recognise whether you want something convenient but pricey or affordable but requires additional maintenance costs. It’s important to factor in all expenses to make sure you’re getting exactly what you need so you don’t end up paying more in the long run. 

For a cheaper option, uPVC windows are the one. These are more affordable than aluminium windows and have a long lifespan. However, they don’t possess the same durability as aluminium windows so you may find yourself replacing them more often. 

For those who want a ‘one and done’ option, aluminium windows are best for you. These may be pricier than uPVC but aluminium windows are tough and more cost-effective than uPVC, since you will be replacing and maintaining them less.

Main takeaway: For a more affordable option, choose uPVC windows. For durability, choose aluminium. 

Energy efficient windows to save money on bills 

To keep your house temperature high and bills low, having the right windows that keep cold air out will have a significant positive impact on your energy bills. 

While there have been many rumours questioning the energy efficiency of aluminium windows, it’s proven that both uPVC and aluminium windows have similar levels of insulation. With previous manufacturing methods going out the window (excuse the pun), new technology has allowed aluminium windows to improve their heat retention properties. So, make sure to check the Window Energy Rating (WER) of either aluminium or uPVC windows to guarantee lower energy bills.  

Main takeaway: Both aluminium and uPVC windows can be energy efficient but check the Window Energy Rating (WER).

Soundproofing and security 

If you want block sounds that keep you tossing and turning the whole night, go for uPVC windows. While aluminium windows can still provide some soundproofing, uPVC has that extra barrier to help you get a well-deserved good night’s sleep. 

You can rest assured that your house will be safe and secure with either uPVC or aluminium windows, as both are durable and secure. However, to keep you and your home extra safe, it’s best to invest in high-quality locks so you can keep intruders at bay.

Main takeaway: For full soundproofing, get uPVC windows. For security, both windows are effective but install high quality locks. 

Aluminium & uPVC window suppliers

Once you’ve decided which window is for you, contact our experienced and reliable traders at 020 8653 2200 or by filling out a form here. Simply let us know your exact requirements and we can supply them to you.  

Buy from our experienced team so that you don’t lose out on the great benefits of high-quality windows. Shoddy work can make your windows weak and not fit for purpose. 

Our expert team has years of experience in the industry to advise and provide recommendations. Delivery is available in and around South London, including Kent, Surrey and Sussex.