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Windows letting in cold air? Here’s how you can stay warm this winter

Osborn Windows > News > Windows letting in cold air? Here’s how you can stay warm this winter

As temperatures continue to plummet and energy bills increase, more households are feeling the big freeze within their homes. In fact, around 37% of Britons say that they cannot warm their house to a comfortable temperature. 

One reason is that heat is escaping through the windows, so you’re left with more cold air, the other is that your windows are letting cold air in To help you feel warmer this winter, take a look at our tips to combat the chilly weather! .

For a permanent solution: get secondary glazing windows

While this may not be an immediate solution, you’ll have less draughty windows permanently thanks to the heat retention properties of secondary glazing. You’ll keep the cold air out and warm air where it should be – inside your home. 

Secondary glazing is basically adding an extra window behind your existing window, without having to worry about the cost of replacing your current windows. By adding an additional layer to your windows, a gap is created that acts as a vacuum. This vacuum reduces the amount of heat loss, keeping your home warmer in the winter. Because there is more heat retained, your heating bills can also drop substantially as your home becomes warmer and more energy efficient – keeping you and the environment happy! 

Insulate your home with thermal curtains

We all know to wear thermals in winter but do you know you can get thermal curtains too? Much like the thermals you wear, thermal curtains use specialist insulated fabric to keep heat within your home so your house can stay warm. They work as a physical barrier preventing cold air from entering and warm air from leaving. 

While these curtains can come in a wide range of styles, you can also simply add a thermal liner to existing curtains – another money-saving option. 

Creative DIY idea: Draught stoppers

You could either buy these or make some at home as a fun money-saving activity. Draught stoppers are great for stopping cold air from coming in through the gaps in windows and doors. They’re often made out of a cloth fabric filled with wadding, rice, and beans, and can slide between window and door frames. 

Affordable solution: weatherstripping

For those feeling strapped for cash,  weather strips are another great – and more importantly, affordable – way to keep your room feeling a little warmer. You don’t need any DIY expertise as these strips are self-adhesive and can be stuck along the window frames. This will help block the cold air from entering your house. 

Be aware that these strips may take off paint when you peel them off or leave some adhesive residue on the window frame. 

The drastic measure: caulk your windows shut (semi-permanently)

If you’ve tried and tested all the solutions and nothing is working, then you may want to caulk your windows along the edges to seal them shut. Don’t worry, you can still open them again in spring when the weather is more forgiving. 

Caulking your windows can effectively keep the cold air out and it’s pretty easy to do. Be warned that if you haven’t had much experience caulking, you may want to call in a handyperson to do the job to ensure a neat finish.

Find the right window solution for you

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