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Timber Casement Windows

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Hardwood Timber Casement Windows

Windows made of hardwood continue to be highly desired among homeowners, chiefly thanks to the beautiful, warm look and feel, which enhances all kinds of interior.

Timber Stormproof

Osborn’s stormproof casement timber windows are available in a wide range of styles, colours and opening designs. Frames can be made using different grades of timber, including Accoya, cross-laminated Oak or Pine species.

Flush Hardwood Casement Windows

Harnessing the latest in window design technology, we offer flush casement windows made of hardwood in no less than four sash types.


Our hardwood casement windows feature mushroom bolts and shootbolts and deliver superior protection.

Glass Options

You can also choose from a wide range of glass panels to suit your interior. With hardwood casement windows it is possible to fit either single or double glazing, with all double glazing featuring an A energy rating as standard – Although single glazed windows are only used for listed properties. Building regulations require homeowners to Install a minimum “C” rated double glazed window.

Traditional or Contemporary?

While hardwood casement windows are often associated with more traditional or classic interiors, it can also work well in contemporary homes. Here at Osborn Glass, we offer many casement window designs.

Hardwood versus Softwood

As the name suggests, hardwood is much more durable than softwood, which is why it’s such an excellent choice for those seeking a timber casement window. To illustrate, an untreated, unpainted hardwood timber window would be expected to last 15 to 40 years above ground in the UK’s temperate climate. An untreated, unpainted softwood window would last up to seven years.

Of course, both hardwood and softwood windows are indeed painted and stained, extending their respective lifetimes by many years.

However, the issue with softwood relates to durability. In this instance, by durability, we mean a wood’s ability to withstand rot and wood-eating insects. While wood-eating insects are not a significant problem in the UK, in our damp, wet climate, decay certainly is. Once fitted, softwood windows are likely to have fittings screwed into them, which permeates the paint and stain, leaving the window vulnerable to rot.

The same is not true of hardwood windows, which possess natural preservative qualities. These properties stay in the wood and extend to its very core. When the hardwood’s natural durability is married with painting and staining, you get a hardwood that lasts several decades.

Here at Osborn Glass our hardwood casement windows are manufactured using highly durable hardwoods and are then protected with the latest in microporous paint and staining systems.

Stunning Hardwood Windows for London and Southeast

While most of our customers are located in London, Surrey or Kent, our team undertakes work right across the Home Counties, East Anglia and Southeast in general.

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