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Why Are Sash Windows So Popular?

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Why are sash windows so popular?

Explore the top 5 reasons why sash windows are so popular. We take a look at 5 top features, sash window design, and materials. Oh, and we’ve also included handy links to buy. 

1. Versatility

Yes that’s right, a window can be versatile. The sash design consists of two movable panels that can slide either up or down, or side to side. Because of this, sash windows can suit a home with traditional architecture or a new build. Sash windows come in a range of different sizes, colours and frames to tie in with your exterior style. And if you didn’t think that covered all bases, they come in a range of different materials too! The most popular materials used are aluminium, timber and UPVC

2. Easy maintenance and longevity

New sash windows are very durable and are capable of standing up against our wonderful British weather. They have a long lifespan and will save you forking out on window repairs each year! Sash windows won’t often need repairs like other types of windows and if they do, it’s an easy fix. The maintenance is easy too! Just occasionally wipe down with a damp cloth and you’re good to go.

3. Energy efficient and great ventilation

No matter what material you go for, all of our sash windows are A -rated for energy efficiency, as standard. There is also an option to enhance the energy saving with triple glazed windows. Make ventilation a breeze (pun intended), by raising the bottom part of the window and lowering the top. This enables air to circulate, and warm air to rise and escape. Don’t just take our word for it, if you really want to get your teeth into the science behind sash windows’ brilliant ventilation, check out the Department of Engineering article from Cambridge University. The Science Behind Sash Windows And How They Ventilate Our Homes. 

4. Security and fire escapes

Sash windows are known for their strength and security. All of the windows that we supply and fit are equipped with design-enhanced window security as standard. Gone are the days of mechanisms in windows snapping, weakening your security. Rest assured, sash windows are strong and of course, come equipped with locks. Should you ever need it, sash windows also double up as great fire escapes. Most sash windows have a large opening at the bottom and some are featured with windows that open inwards. 

5. Adding value to your home

Not only do sash windows look beautiful, they can really add value to your home. Combining the look of them and all of the points made above, we have an inkling as to why they are a huge hit with customers. 

Who can I speak to about getting new sash windows? 

Get in touch with our specialists, they can supply and fit bespoke windows in London and surrounding areas. Get in touch on 020 8683 8406. Alternatively, get an instant online guide price